This web service and its architecture allows any application regardless of development language, can benefit from a set of business rules and services due to compliance with standards SOAP, WSDL and XML.

# Ruby sabe lo que tu
# quieres, aun si quieres
# hacer matemáticas
# en un Arreglo completo
ciudades = %w[ London
              Berlin ]
visitado = %w[Berlin Oslo]

puts "Aun necesito " +
     "visitar las " +
     "siguientes ciudades:",
     ciudades - visitado


To use the web service, you must have a programming language that can consume it, some languages have better support than others from the point of view of ease of access, however, if there is not a language that encapsulates communication, always can be done even at the sockets using the HTTP protocol in conjunction with the SOAP specification. For those languages that support well web services it is advisable to go through the WSDL.


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